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Player Handout 4: Something is Amiss

You awaken groggily to what almost sounds as if somebody or something is tearing the cabin apart. As you begin to focus, you can hear the sounds of one of your Dwarven roommates muttering and grumbling to himself. As you sit up and look in the direction of the commotion, you see a Dwarf tosses bedclothes and belongings all over the place... jumping off the bed to peer beneath it... jumping back on the bed to rummage around and behind it some more. The only coherent words you can make out are the occasional "Where is it?", and "It's gotta be here!" in the common tongue. Much of the rest of the muttering is in Dwarven.

It's pretty obvious that the Dwarf has lost something, and is frantically searching for it.

Cover image: The Inn from the Bridge over Daphinia's Stream by RPGDinosaurBob (with Flowscape)


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