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Kra'karrow / Aatikaati

To be all you were meant to be, you must understand what you are.
— your personal motto
The Awkwana are the Birdfolk of Cartyrion. They are based upon the Tengu ancestry of the Pathfinder universe, and bear similarity to the Kenku of the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

Two given names are provided -- the first is a male name within the culture, the second is a female name. Awkwana do not use surnames. Since gender plays no actual part in any game mechanics, the choice of gender, gender identity, and social preferences are left to the player. One name should be chosen.
You are far from the roost of your hatching. You have been on a journey to find out more about yourself, and you are finally in the Feywood - the place where you hope to find some answers. Before the lightning, you were living a life that any Awkwana would strive for. You were learning the trade of a merchant from your egg-sire. Some day, you would take over the family business, arranging trade between your people and the Dwarves, and shipping Dwarven iron across the sea to other Birdfolk cities.

But all that changed when the bolt from the sky struck you. You survived; in fact physically, it was as if you were never struck. But everything changed. You were marked as one of the Affected, and those who used to be your friends and associates began to avoid you. The Affected are bad luck to be around. Your trade business began to suffer -- and then the other changes began to manifest. Sparks of electricity fired from your fingertips when you became angry. Strange forces - the powers of the world itself - seemed to course through you. Seeking answers, you asked the ancient Truthsayer of your home roost of Klag Ruk what had happened to you. She claimed that the lightning awakened something in you... something from far in your family's past. And whatever this thing was, it involved the Fey of Cartyrion. A piece of their essence was deep inside you, and the lightning awoke it.

The Truthsayer suggested you seek further answers among the Fey, and so you journeyed here across the Iron Mountains and the wastes beyond before reaching the edges of the great Feywood forest. Along the way, you learned to control the magical forces that were manifesting themselves within you. Many of these manifestations seemed appropriate given that lightning triggered their release. But you came here to learn more - more about the Fey... more about what the Fey's place and purpose in the world is.

At this point, you're looking for a bit of a break, and the Strawberry Festival in a small town known as Spudbarrow sounded appealing to you. You heard that it attracted Folk from all over the Feywood, including some of the Fey themselves, so you might even learn something! But tonight, you should be able to relax. There's an Inn just ahead - the Bugbear's Head Inn you are told - that offers fantastic food and comfortable lodging. It will likely be crowded there tonight with festival goers on the road, but it's possible this place may become your "base of operations" as you explore your relationship with the Fey.

Role-Playing this Character

You are on a journey of self discovery, but you are currently taking a breather and hoping for some fun and relaxation at the Strawberry Festival. You understand that somehow, the Fey are important to you, though you have no real understanding of why - or how.

Your merchant background has made you familiar with Folk of other ancestries, so you are comfortable even in situations where you are the only Birdfolk around.

Your natural charisma and charm has always been a strong point. This natural charm, coupled with your skills in Diplomacy and Deception, make you particularly effective if you wish to Make An Impression to persuade otherwise indifferent folks to want to help you out. You can also be very convincing if you find you need to Lie to get through a situation.

You also have some training in Medicine. Since your party does not have a Cleric healer, you may be called upon to Treat Wounds after a fight is over. You need to make sure your Healer's Tools are handy to do this.  

Special Abilities, Features, and Feats

Because of your Awkwana (Birdfolk) Ancestry... were raised to seek a place in the world where your skills and talents can benefit you and your people most. You thought you knew your place, but your new magical gifts have forced you to reassess your situation.
Because of your Affected Culture...
...other Awkwana keep their distance from you. They believe you to be bad luck; unsafe to be near. do indeed seem to attract misfortune. In fact, when something bad happens that affects an area you are in, the damaging effects seem to focus on you. But nevertheless, you never seem to actually suffer the effects to the degree that others expect you should.
Because of your Merchant background... have learned how to deal with other Folk, Awkwana and those of other ancestries. You have skills that help you make friends easily, and can persuade others to behave in ways that benefit you.
As a Sorcerer... are a spellcaster. But unlike the wizards, who master magic with years of study, or the priests that pray for gifts from the gods, your magic seems to simply well up from within you. At first, it was difficult to control, but you have learned to control at least some of its effects.


Krak Ruk


While not particularly religious, you acknowledge, and pay necessary homage to Kal'Da and Kal'Ma, the First Father and First Mother who were responsible for Awakening the Awkwana. Lately, though, you've considered a few prayers to Kal'Karah, the First Teacher, to bring guidance, wisdom, and knowledge about your sorcerer's powers.

Character Sheet

Awkwana Sorcerer's Journey


Clothing & ArmorDescription
Explorer's ClothingGood, durable clothing that will help protect you from the elements somewhat, but won't do much to stop a blade or arrow.
DaggerA short, lightweight blade weapon that can be used to stab or slash at an opponent. In a pinch, they can also be thrown at an enemy.
StaffA simple, stout, wooden pole, 4ft to 6ft in length. If two hands are used to wield it, additional power can be brought to bear on an opponent.
SlingA leather pouch and two long cords; this weapon can propel a rounded sling bullet, or any other small stone or similar object you find in your travels.
CaltropsFour-pronged metal spikes designed to damage a creature's feet. A set of caltrops can be scattered to cover a 5' square space. They may inflict damage to the first creature that passes over them, but are themselves rendered useless by this passage. (Carried in backpack - see below)
In Your Backpack
50' of rope
5 torches
2 sets of caltrops
Flint and steel
10 pieces of chalk
2 weeks rations
In Your First Belt Pouch
20 Sling bullets
In Your Second Belt Pouch
Healer's Tools
In Your Third Belt Pouch
12 gold coins
9 silver coins

Additional Reading

If you'd like some more background material on how this character fits into the World of Cartyrion, here it is.


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