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Merellian / Nythrellia Taenarian

Life is too short to pass up a good time or a good joke - even for an Elf!
— your personal motto
Two first names are provided -- the first is a male name within the culture, the second is a female name. Since gender plays no actual part in any game mechanics, the choice of gender, gender identity, and social preferences are left to the player. One name should be chosen.
You hail from Fey Haven, the Elven enclave deep in the Feywood forest. You are an Elf of the Homekeeper culture; your ancestors arrived here shortly after the first Awakening of the Elves, and your line has been here ever since. Homekeepers are expected to keep the lore and traditions of Elvenkind alive, and to guard the ancestral homelands. At 94 years old, you are still considered an impetuous youngling by the elders of Feyhaven.

You have the inherited traits of the Homekeepers - traits that give you heightened senses in the deep forest. But you are not interested in "guarding the homeland". You would rather be playing practical jokes on acquaintances and kin - and you're good at it. Unfortunately, your jokes are not appreciated - especially those involving valuables that "suddenly disappear". You are good at making things "disappear" - your sleight of hand skills are pretty good! You are also good at sweet-talking others into doing dangerous or really embarassing things, but those jokes aren't appreciated either. That silver tongue has kept you out of serious trouble too.

Sometimes, though - and now is one of those times - you need to leave Fey Haven for a while to let tempers cool. At least you know they love you deep down, and eventually will want you back.

For now, though, it is serendipitous that the Halflings are throwing their annual weeklong party in Spudbarrow. You might as well head there for the week and see what sort of mischief you can get into there. Nothing permanent or malicious of course... just good, clean fun! But first, a detour to the Bugbear's Head Inn. The Traveling Troupe should be there, on their way to the festival, and they are always a good show. So that is the plan... the Inn tonight, and then on to the Strawberry Festival with the throng of others that are sure to be on the road. It should be... entertaining!

Role-Playing this Character

The most important thing to remember about this character is that they are not "evil"... not malicious... The jokes you have played in the past may have gotten out of hand... and people may have even been hurt... but that was never your intention and you were sorry when it happened. You don't steal things because you covet them... you do it as a joke, and always give them back. When conversing with people, you tend to be snide... on the brink of insulting... but always with a smile.

In short, you like people, and you are not particularly selfish. While your favorite deity's portfolio includes greed, that does not motivate you. (It is the trickster aspects of Shylea that you find appealing.) You want want to have friends, and want to "entertain" them. But unfortunately, your approach to entertainment isn't always appreciated.

Your natural charisma and charm are important "weapons" in your arsenal. You are able to get people to treat you in a more friendly way when you take the time to Make an Impression. Alternatively, you may get what you want by relying on Intimidating behavior to Coerce somebody (if you are not planning on having to deal with them again). And, if the need arises, you have successfully been able to Lie your way out of trouble in the past, and will probably have to do so again in the future.

Special Abilities, Features, and Feats

Because of your Elf Ancestry...
... you are fleeter of foot that most other Folk. When travelling, you can usually cover more ground than your non-Elf companions. In fact, even among other Elves, you tend to be swifter than most.

... you can understand, speak, read, and write both the Common and Elvish languages. Your intelligence and exposure has allowed you to learn two additional languages; Sylvan (the language of the Fey) and Gremlish (the language of the Gremlins).

... you have the ability to see in dim light as though it were bright light; things normally concealed because of poor lighting may be visible to you.

Because of your Homekeeper Culture... have extremely sensitive hearing, allowing you to detect things by sound alone at greater range than most, and to pinpoint locations of nearby creatures more accurately.

Because of your Charlatan background...
...your charm allows you to win over those you meet, and you can do so equally well whether you are using deception and lies, or truth and diplomacy.

As a Rogue... enjoy the challenge of taking something that belongs to someone else without them noticing. For you, though, it is the thrill of the game, not the value of the item; you usually return what you acquire. prefer - and are skilled with - swift, lightweight weapons. You can pick your targets for maximum effect. You can also take advantage of openings left by off-balance opponents to deal extra damage. In all this, you rely more on dexterity and coordination than raw strength to deal maximum damage in a fight.

...your agility lets you spring into combat faster than foes can react, giving you an advantage over slower moving foes. It also allows you to bob and weave, avoiding damage to yourself more effectively.


Fey Haven, an ancient elven enclave deep in the Feywood.


You, like most Elves, favor the Alevar pantheon of deities. Your personal "favorite" is Shylea the Gamester. All elves at least acknowledge, if not revere Father Berdea as their creator.

Character Sheet

Elf Rogue's Journey


Clothing & ArmorDescription
Explorer's ClothingGood, durable clothing that will help protect you from the elements somewhat, but won't do much to stop a blade or arrow.
Leather ArmorA mix of flexible and molded boiled leather, a suit of this type of armor provides some protection against weapons with minimum impact on mobility.
DaggerA short, lightweight blade weapon that can be used to stab or slash at an opponent. In a pinch, they can also be thrown at an enemy.
RapierA long and thin piercing blade with a basket hilt. It is prized among many as a dueling weapon. With skill and training, it can be used to accurately deliver damage even by physically weak wielders.
In Your Backpack
50' of rope
Flint and steel
10 pieces of chalk
5 torches
2 weeks rations
In Your Climbing Kit Satchel
Another 50' of rope
2 pulleys
12 pitons
Grappling hook
In Your First Belt Pouch
Thieves' tools
Extra (replacement) lockpicks
In Your Second Belt Pouch
6 gold coins
3 silver coins

Additional (Optional) Reading

If you'd like some more background material on how this character fits into the World of Cartyrion, here it is.


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