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Player Handout 2: Regulars at the Inn

You have been to the Bugbear's Head Inn a few times in your life, so when Ellabeth points out the folks sitting at the table across the room, you recognize them...

The burly Dwarf is Tugreth Oakbraid. He owns the smithy across the road that mostly provides repairs for damaged wagons and carts for travelers on the road or horseshoes for mounts that have thrown a shoe. He's also good for the occasional armor or weapon repair if needed. Tugreth has a wife and son, but the wife is never at the inn when it's crowded.

The Halfling gentleman with the pipe is Agilbert Oldbuck. He lives with his wife (and kids? two kids? three kids?) in a modest mound-home behind the Inn. He's mostly retired, but he does tend the herb and vegetable gardens that supply the Inn's kitchens. Mostly, though, he sits in the common room with his pipe and a barely touched tankard of ale, chatting with his friend. Agilbert's wife is Clotilde. She runs the Inn's kitchen, and does so with an iron hand (or large wooden spoon).

The two gnomes are Wyzbirret Knunkett and Maydillbass Ginball. Between them, they are responsible for the grain mill, brewery, and distillery across the road. Both have some experience with alchemy - perhaps that's why Maydillbass' ales are so spectacular. The distilled spirits are pretty good too! She adds some unique herbal essences to them. In a pinch, Maydillbass has been known to have a healing or restorative elixir or two available for sale. Wyzbirret prefers to tinker with mechanical things - the grain mill is his pride and joy.

Oh... and the serving girl is Ellabeth Pinnman - the owners' daughter. If the Traveling Troupe weren't here tonight performing, with a crowd like this she would almost certainly be up by the hearth with her lute. She's got a heavenly voice and often entertains on busy evenings. The Pinnmans have a few other kids -- Ranulf will be out in the stables tending to all the mounts here tonight. There are two other younger ones... Joline maybe? ... and Bart-something-or-other? ... They should be in bed by now anyway - the Pinnmans live in that big house we saw out back by the cabins.

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