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Rolynd Brynt

Rolynd is a late-middle-aged human male. Originally from Dryad Falls, he is a a retired traveling merchant who used to travel between Karnstown and Dryad Falls. He settled in Spirit Lake three years ago. He has been a Village Elder for 2 years; he is the newest member of the council. As a merchant, though, he was well known in the village, and his outgoing, gleeful personality made him the top choice when the Council of Elders needed to choose a Mayor - so he got the title.

Most days, if he is not in the Town Hall conducting some sort of village business, he will be in the Pike and Paddle Tavern. His regular table in the corner is known to the villagers as "the Mayor's Office".

Retired merchant
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Honorable Mayor
Date of Birth
24 Time of V'nbarrgh's Greataxe, 2109CR
Aligned Organization

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