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There exists a major natural obstacle to all maritime trade between the cities and civilizations that border the Farsea and those that border the Sea of Storms and the Great Sea beyond. That obstacle is the The Evergale Straits, where a fierce cyclone blows. It is said that the storm began to rage shortly after the Creator of Worlds caused Cartyrion to come into existence, and that it raged without abating for thousands of years. It was only with the arrival of Aanarakka, the Tamer of the Sea of Storms that the storm was tamed. To this day, the storm continues as fiercely as it ever did, interrupted only when a magic wielder of great power commands it to cease temporarily.

Aanarakka of the Awkwana was the first of these druidic magic wielders, but she founded a school to teach others the rituals needed to calm the Evergale Straits. And today, no ship dares approach the straits unless it can count one of Aanarakka's Stormtamers as a member of the crew.



To become a StormTamer, one must attend the school first established by Aanarakka of the Awkwana in the city of Glaakra Ruk. More importantly, one must complete the course of study at the school to awaken the ability to successfully complete the rituals taught only by the instructors of the school and carefully guarded by those who have have previously passed the course of study. Only when one has learned the ritual, and successfully performned it while aboard a vessel entering the Evergale Straits, can one be called a Stormtamer.

Payment & Reimbursement

Ships that wish to voyage between the Farsea and the Sea of Storms require a Stormtamer aboard - passage through the straits is impossible otherwise. As a result, and given that the number of trained Stormtamers is small, they are highly paid and well treated by their employers. It is not uncommon for large shipping collectives to scour the lands for prospective students for Aanarakka's school - folk with natural talent for druidic magic. Candidates found are then sent to Glaakra Ruk at the collective's expense, and in return, the student agrees to work aboard the ships of the collective.


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