The Meadows

Between the Oakwood and the great Feywood lies another huge expanse of grasslands. The Central Plains are not nearly as populated as the Northern Plains, though there are some stalwart farmers and herd-tenders making livings for themselves and their families in the area. Small settlements of Free Elves and goblins can be found as well, but for the most part, the land is wild and occupied by wild herd-beasts and the things that prey upon them.


Like the Oakwood, this region spans the 1200 miles between the mountain ranges that bracket the Frontier Lands. West of Feywood Lake, the plains stretch almost 400 miles norh to south, but in the East, the Feywood curls north to narrow the plains to a mere 150 miles or so north-to-south.


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Alternative Name(s)
The Central Plains


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