The Tolerance Plot

Oh life is bigger... It's bigger than you... And you are not me...
The lengths that I will go to...
The distance in your eyes...
Oh no I've said too much... I set it up
— R.E.M. - Losing My Religion, © 1990
Despite the fact that the revered Saint Ancelin, based his teachings on skills learned from the Elves and Dwarves, those who came after him seem to have forgotten this. The The True Church of the Humanar, the organized religion that developed based on the teachings of Ancelin, has, over the many years, become more and more centered on the right of Humans and Halflings to hold a dominant place in worldwide Cartyrion culture and affairs. The The First Kingdom of Humankind is based on this belief.

Not every Human agrees with this, and of course those Folk of non-Human ancestry are also in disagreement, but little can be done when the ruling elite and the religious elite combine to dictate a culture where Humans and Halflings can prosper, but others simply subsist to survive. Eventually, though, somebody does try to do something -- something drastic. This is how the plot to usurp the leadership of the True Church came to be - a plot called the Tolerance Plot by those who believed it would help, and the Heretic's Plot by those whom it was directed against.


The Elf Talesin Reythana had been searching for years for the right connection to get near to the First Servant. Recently, that connection materialized. The old leader of the The Protectors of the Servant had retired, and Angus Rondin , was elevated to the position of Protector General. Talesin had learned that Angus not only had elven blood in his family history (though not recently), but he had Half-elven family members whom occasionally kept in contact with secretly. Approaching him carefully, Talesin discovered that he was indeed sympathetic to the oppression suffered by non-Humans in the First Kingdom. With the access to the First Servant that Angus could provide, the Tolerance Plot was hatched.

Aye, it's extreme... but there's no other way. Kaywin has to be eliminated before he can secure enough support to ensure his replacement will be another cut out of his mold. We need to act now.
— conversation leading to the formation of the Tolerance Plot
Plot Initiated
14 Time of Aanarakka's Staff, 2170CR
Assassination Attempt
06 Time of Taralaza's Scepter, 2170CR
Execution of Captured
23 Time of Taralaza's Scepter, 2170CR
Assassination Target
FIrstServant Dufgal Kaywin
Main Plotters
Shadow Guildmaster Talesin Reythana
Protector General Angus Rondine
Archbishop Tieran Saunterville of Istria
Captured and Executed
Former Protector General Angus Rodine
Assassin Carine Longden
Still At Large
Assassin Aylise Elderton
Shadow Loremaster Erandal Tiraleth
Archbishop Tieran Saunterville of Istria

The Plot

The plan was relatively simple. The current First Servant would be replaced by an Archbishop whom Talesin discovered was sympathetic to their cause: Archbishop Tieran Saunterville of Istria. If the First Servant were to die, history has shown the Protector General being able to strongly influence the selection of a replacement. Saunterville would be elevated to the position, and would then be able to start relaxing the harsh strictures against non-Humans in the First Kingdom. Of course First Servant Dufgal Kaywin would have to die first.

This is where Grand Loremaster Erandal Tiraleth of the The Shadow Loresmiths came in. Through contacts established by the Alchemists of the Shadow Loresmiths, two Human assassins were hired. Carine Longden and Aylise Elderton would be hired into the kitchen maintenance staff af the First Servant's residence. As Protector General, Angus Rondine could arrange this. Carine would supply the poison and see that it got into the First Servant's food or drink. Aylise would ensure that the tainted refreshments were properly delivered and consumed. After the old First Servant died in a manner that suggested heart failure, the new First Servant would be named.

The Attempt

The plot was simple, but there was one major, unforeseen flaw. That flaw was named Cromwill Fisher. Cromwill was Human, and was sympathetic to the plight of non-Humans. He worked closely with Talesin Reythana; he was her "eyes and ears" among the humans of the First Kingdom court and church. But Cromwill, after much internal struggle, could not bring himself to condone the murder of the leader of his Church. And so, he secretly sought out Captain General Brigith Redebury of the Protectors and warned her of the impending plot - and the Protector General's part in it.

Brigith found it difficult to believe that her commander would be part of such a thing, so she decided to remain silent, but wary. She made sure she kept aware of any changes in kitchen personnel, and when Carine and Aylise were added to staff, she increased her vigilance. She was in the kitchen, stealthily watching Carine when the
assassin attempted to administer a vial of poison to a flagon of wine destined for the First Servant. Taking no chances, Brigith acted. She arrested Carine on the spot, capturing not only the assassin but the evidence of the poison. She then dragged Carine to the First Servant and revealed what she knew: that Protector General Angus Rondine was behind an attempt to kill him and replace him with an Archbishop sympathetic to the cause of non-Humans. The Captain General was also summarily arrested.

The two were tortured, but failed to reveal additional information about others involved in the plot. They were executed shortly thereafter.
Trigger Warning: explicit description of execution and disposition of remains.
Both were sentenced to being flayed alive in the public square of Elderkeep after being declared "unworthy to wear Human skin". Afterward, their heads were set on pikes in the square; one headless body sent each to Eastguard and Westguard for similar display.

Trigger Warning: The Writ of Execution for the guilty parties
Writ of Execution read over Angus Rondine and Carine Longden
You have been tried and found guilty of crimes against the Kingdom and against the True Church. And as such, you have been deemed unworthy to be clad in the skin that Mother Caronalyn gave you to walk this earth. Therefore, you have been sentenced to have that gift rescinded - you are not worthy to wear the skin of Humankind.

The Immediate Aftermath

The plot was an abject failure, of course. The executions eliminated two of the four at the core of the plot, but assassin Aylise Elderton managed to escape the residence without being arrested. She is still being sought. Talesin Reythana is also now a wanted criminal; she has gone into hiding. Some reports claim she has been sighted in the Grand Duchy of Elvenpass; others say she remains in Elderkeep.

The Unresolved

The First Servant, and newest Protector General Brigith Redebury are both quite anxious to see both Elderton and Reythana captured and brought to justice. But of even more importance to the First Servant is the fact that, apparently, one of his Archbishops is also somehow involved. While there was no indication this Archbishop took an active role in any plotting, the simple fact that one at this rank would even harbor thoughts of considering Folk like Elves and Dwarves equal to Humans was problematic. The First Servant has not publicly made any accusations at present; he is secretly trying to determine who the guilty party is.

We need to protect Tieran -- he's still our best hope within the True Church... And we need to get Erandal Tiraleth out of the kingdom. Aylise is cunning; she can take care of her own escape. I'd be surprised if she isn't sitting in a Baron's Point tavern already.
— Sympathizers considering the aftermath of the failed plot


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