The First Kingdom of Humankind

As its name implies, this is the first major Kingdom established by Humans on Cartyrion. Once the most expansive by far of all the Kingdoms, the Great Strife saw a significant decrease in the land controlled by the Kingdom, and the power it wielded over the world.





State Holidays
Saint Ancelin's Birthday
03 Time of Thirar's Carrack

Saint Nadria's Ascendancy
21 Time of Thirar's Carrack

Saint Tralia's Ascendancy
23 Time of Thirar's Carrack

Saint Ancelin's Ascendancy
23 Time of Caleran's Crown

Saint Grandelin's Ascendancy
19 Time of Twixxil's Lenses

Saint Andelin's Ascendancy
30 Time of Taralaza's Scepter


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