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Tomis Cardwyck

The proprietor of the little shop near the lakeshore called Fishing Rigs, is a peculiar sort. Tomis Cardyck spends every minute he can fishing out on the Lake. He's been trying to hook "the big one" for his entire life, and he will tell anyone who will listen that he isn't dying until he does so. At 71 years of age, Tomis is still going strong.

He built the shop eight years ago, more to give himself something to do when he wasn't fishing. Tomis is very quiet about his life before arriving at Spirit Lake some 25 years ago, but most speculate that he was an adventurer of some sort. He's certainly never short for coin - and this is not because of sales from the shop. On occasion, Tomis will visit the Pike and Paddle in the evening for a nightcap after coming in from the lake,

Fisherman, shopkeeper
Current Location
Date of Birth
21 Time of Taralaza's Scepter, 2099CR
Ruled Locations

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