Waryn Colifer

The owner and principal operator of the Village Livery - the stabling operation in Spirit Lake - is Waryn Colifer. He and his family work together to ensure that all creatures left in their care are well cared for and groomed. Waryn took over the operation of the stables two years ago when his father decided to semi-retire and focus on wagon and cart repair. The business has been in the Colifer family since it was first opened a year after the village was founded.

Waryn has been known to frequent the Pike and Paddle from time to time; he is the arm-wrestling champion there. The other villagers congratulate him for being one of the few in town that has yet to set foot into Gimna's Palace. When asked, he will explain that his father drilled into him the evils of gambling - a sickness, he says, that almost cost his grandfather the ownership of the stable years ago.

Hostler, Wainwright, Shop Proprietor
Current Location
Date of Birth
06 Time of Caleran's Crown, 2141CR
Current Residence
Ruled Locations

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