Welcome to the World of Cartyrion! This is a world setting designed for play using any of a number of Fantasy Tabletop Role Playing Game rule systems. It is a world that offers opportunities for many different play styles. If you've played in the popular TTRPG settings available today, much of what Cartyrion has to offer will be familiar to you. But all is not as it seems! Things are a bit different in Cartyrion - and it goes deeper than just a new history and geography. The gods are different, the people are different, and the creatures are different. Cartyrion is a unique place to explore, with exciting adventure awaiting everywhere you turn.

The Deities

The gods are real on Cartyrion, and they are many. Each of the peoples has a pantheon of gods to whom they owe their very existence. They have made their marks on Cartyrion in many ways, and not always for the good.

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Deities of Cartyrion
Generic article | May 25, 2022

The Magic

The magical abilities sourced from the Six Energies are available to the spellcasting adventuring classes. Each of these classes has its own manner of accessing magic relying on different attributes, each with its own benefits and limitations.

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Magic on Cartyrion
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Flora and Fauna

As the groups of gods arrived at Cartyrion, they each sought to make their marks upon the world. They would Awaken the peoples that make up the Folk, but they also created the flora and fauna that their peoples would make up the living world around them. Some were created for appreciation, others for exploitation.

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Bringing Life to a New World
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The Fey

Created before even the first Elf drew breath, the immortal Fey have been part of the world longer than any other creature. They have seen and lived the whole history of the world, though their persepective is often hard for the Folk to grasp.

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The Folk

Twelve peoples living together, though in some places they are more together than others. Familiar choices have new names and unique twists. Distinct heritage and culture options offer unsurpassed variety of characters to create.

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The Regions of Cartyrion

The World of Cartyrion is a big place, so it has been divided into twelve regions for development. Each region will have a distinct flavor, with its own unique challenges. Each features its own set of predominant creatures and other residents ready to challenge players in different ways

Coming Soon!

The first Regional Setting product is almost complete; in addition to descriptions of the places, people and creatures of the region, a complete Adventure will be included to introduce Gamemaster and Players to the region and the World of Cartyrion.
The Feywood
An ancient forest home of the Elves and Fey; the Feywood has its share of dangers as well. Small villages and farms dot the forest, far from the control of any king or country.
The Feywood
Generic article | Aug 8, 2021

Under Construction!

Not far behind the Feywood in development, the Northern Frontier Regional Setting will provide new places to adventure when a party decides it wants something more than forests and villages to discover.
The Northern Frontier
The settled coastal lands feature independent city states and coastal fishing towns. The Oakwood is a dark, twisted region filled with bandits and horrid creatures. The Central Plains is a land still recovering from the blight of the Great Strife where farmers and herdsfolk try to scratch out a living.
The Northern Frontier
Generic article | Aug 6, 2021
The Kingdoms
The Awakening lands of the Humans, Chittiki, Feliseans, and Elves. From the xenophobic First Kingdom of Humankind to the most cosmopolitan city on Cartyrion: the Felisean city of Barons's Point, the Kingdoms region offers gameplay involving intrigue and mystery as well as exploration and adventure.
The Kingdoms Region
Generic article | Aug 5, 2021

In Planning

The homelands of the Humans, Halflings, Elves, Feliseans and Chittiki are all featured in the third set of planned regional releases. These may be released individually, or as one mega-region release.

On the Horizon

There's still a lot of world to explore, including regions that feature the last remnants of Taxlatl civilization, something something, and even dinosaurs!
The Great Basin
The Seas of Cartyrion
The Farspine
The Darkwood
The Dark Marshes
The Northern Wastes
The Southern Wastes

Every Region Setting supplement will feature descriptions of all the cities, towns, villages, landmarks, ruins, important NPCs and history of the land - everything a Gamemaster needs to create new adventures of their own. Plot hooks will even be suggested for people and places, and a complete Introductory Adventure will be provided to help everyone grasp the flavor of the new region.

But Wait... There's More!

In addition to the campaign settings, other products are in the works to make it easier to play in Cartyrion. A complete Character Creation Guide will provide all of the details needed about each of the player Ancestries, Heritages, Cultures, Backgrounds, and Adventuring Classes to help you create a character ready that fits into the world. This will feature a streamlined, easy to follow process that even first-time gamers will find easy to follow.

In the same spirit, a concise, but complete How to Play Guide is also in the works. Rules will be organized and modular to eliminate the need for combing through hundreds of pages to find an obscure definition.

Early Access

If you can't wait to see exactly what sort of adventures are waiting for you and your friends in the World of Cartyrion, you don't have to! Much of the information about the people and places can be accessed for free right here at cartyrion.com.

If you want even more, though, consider becoming a Patron. Benefits available for varying levels of support are available here.

Adventure Awaits !!


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