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Patron's Light
Tier 0 (Cantrip)

Discipline: Bestowed Magic
Elements: Audible
Target: special (see below)
Duration: special (see below)
Rarity: Common
Trigger: completion of casting
Range: 60ft (18m)
Area of Effect: 60ft (18m) (see below)

The caster utters a brief imploration to their Patron, causing a magical light source to appear at a fixed point designated by the caster within the spell's range. This point is always a fixed location in space, and does not move while the spell duration lasts. It cannot be affixed to an item or creature.

The caster can designate the color and relative strength of the light. At maximum strength, the light emitted is capable of brightly illuminating an area within a 30' (9m) radius of its origin point, and dimly lighting a further 30' (9m) beyond. Less intense light would have appropriately smaller illumination radii. Intensity and color must be selected at the time of casting and cannot be altered once cast.

The light can be be blocked with any opaque material, though its origin point does not provide any physical thing on which to hang or place such a covering. The caster may will the light to cease prematurely if desired.

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