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Patron's Voice
Tier 0 (Cantrip)

Discipline: Bestowed Magic
Elements: Audible
Target: one creature
Duration: instantaneous
Rarity: Common
Trigger: completion of casting
Range: 120ft (36m)
Area of Effect: target creature

After uttering the imploration to their Patron, the caster utters a brief message they wish to be conveyed secretly to the target creature. The target then hears a strange, ethereal, disembodied voice whispering in their ear, conveying the desired message. The voice is not identifiable, and nobody other than the target can hear it. The target must be known to the caster, but need not be within line of sight when the spell is cast.

The caster must be within an environment that permits sound to travel, but the target need not be. The target will "hear" the message even if they are enveloped in a zone of magical silence. Communication is one-way only; there is no provision for the target to respond in any magically-enhanced way.

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