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Sense Magic
Tier 0 (Cantrip)

Discipline: Inner Focus, Nature
Elements: Gesture
Target: self
Duration: 1 min
Rarity: Common
Trigger: completion of casting
Range: self
Area of Effect: 30' (9m) radius sphere

The caster is able to sense the presence of magically enhanced or altered creatures or items within the area of effect. This awareness is a "sensation", the magic triggering the sensation does not reveal itself is any way. By turning slowly in place, the caster can get a general sense of direction from which the sensation emanates, but no indication of strength or exact source is revealed. If multiple magical creatures or entities are within the area of effect, the caster may detect more than one emanation, but only if the sources are well separated. Multiple magical sources closely grouped together (like several items in a chest) will only generate one sensation.

During the round in which this spell is cast, the caster cannot make any movement, other than the slow turning in place mentioned above.

Illusions can only be detected by this spell if the caster is of higher level than the level of the creator of the illusion at the time the illusion was created.

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