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Patron's Guidance
Tier 0 (Cantrip)

Discipline: Bestowed Magic
Elements: Audible, Gesture
Target: one creature
Duration: special (see below)
Rarity: Common
Trigger: completion of casting
Range: touch
Area of Effect: target creature

The caster requests that their patron use their influence to help or hinder the outcome of an action that the target creature is about to perform. The next Skill Check performed by the target character or creature receives either a +1 bonus per CHA bonus of the caster. The spell remains in effect until the target attempts anything requiring a skill check.

If the target is attempting, or is about to attempt multiple actions requiring skill checks, the caster cannot specify which check is to be affected. It is always the first one. In the event that a single action requires multiple skill checks, these should be adjudicated in preferred attribute order (e.g. STR check, then DEX, then CON, INT, AWA, WIL, and finally CHA).

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