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Two-Frilled Sandrunner Creature 6

The Two-Frilled Sandrunner is a large quadripedal lizard. It is characterized by the arrangement of flexible "spines" that run along its back. Two rows, about 1ft (30cm) apart begin where the neck joins the back of the skull. The spacing widens to about 1.5ft (45cm) midway between the shoulders and hips before tapering to meet where the tail meets the body. A single row of the spines continues down the length of the tail. In most specimens, the spine length tapers down towards the tip of the tail, but in a few, the last several spikes are actually elongated and harder than the rest. There is some discussion as to whether these "Spike-tailed Two-Frills" should be considered a separate species, but they seem to be able to mate freely and produce viable offspring when paired with Two-Frills that do not have the more formidable tail spikes.
Perception +13, low-light vision, scent (imprecise), 60ft
Skills Athletics+16

STR +7 , DEX +2 , CON +4 , INT -4 , WIS +2 , CHA -2

AC 23
Saving Throws Fort +15, Ref +13, Will +11
Speed 25ft
Melee Jaws: +16 / +11 / +6 Damage: 2d10+9 Piercing + Grab
Special Abilities Grab: The Two-Frilled Sandrunner may elect to Grab any creature immediately after successfully hitting it with a Jaws attack.

Swallow Whole: The Two-Frilled Sandrunner may attempt to Swallow Whole any creature of size Large or smaller that it currently has Grabbed. The creature must succeed at an Athletics check vs the victim's Reflex DC. On success, the target suffers 2d10+7 bludgeoning damage immediately, and again at the and of every turn during which it remains swalloed. Swallowed creatures have the Grabbed condition, and the Slowed 1 condition. Furthermore, the creature must hold its breath or begin suffocating.

Only one creature of size Large may be swallowed whole. Multiple creatures of size M or smaller can be Swallowed, however. Once a creature has been swalloed, the Two-Frilled Sandrunner's jaws are now free to attack another target.

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Pathfinder 2e

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Monster / NPC