About The Humanar Deities

The Humanar were the last of the major race-creating Astralar to arrive on Cartyrion. As the other gods did before them, Prominion and Caronalyn - the first to arrive - created a race in their image. At their Awakening, the Humans were instilled with an ambition and impatience fueled by their relative short lifespans (at least as compared to the Elves, Dwarves, and Gnomes). They were also instilled with a desire to spread out and conquer new challenges, whether those challenges be harsh environments in which to live or - in some cases - rival creatures occupying the lands they wished to overtake. As other Humanar arrived, the conflicts grew as some of these enticed their followers to see even other Humans as rivals to be defeated.

Caronalyn felt that their first children were perhaps too ambitious, and so she Awakened another race - the Halflings. To dissuade them from being inclined to compete with the Humans and thus exacerbate the conflicts she saw, she created them smaller and with a greater desire to enjoy and share the fruits of labor rather than hoard and compete for them.


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