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Deities of Cartyrion

The gods of Cartyrion are real, and many, and when they choose to walk among us, calamity is sure to follow. We owe them much for they gave us this world and caused us to be, but we pray each day that they do not come to collect it in person.
— ancient Alev saying
The world of Cartyrion was shaped and brought to life by powerful beings who exist in the Planes Beyond. Though they live outside the world itself, they have sufficient contact with Cartyrion and its inhabitants to significantly affect all aspects of life.

The Creator of Worlds

Perhaps the most powerful being in all of the multiverse within which Cartyrion dwells is the Creator of Worlds. The Creator is responsible for the world itself: the mountains and oceans, and even the sun and moons in the sky.

But though everyone among the Folk of Cartyrion know of the Creator, there are no religions and no cults dedicated to this omnipotent entity. No offerings, no sacrifices, not even prayers are offered, because it is also known by all the Folk that the Creator, having built the world itself many thousands of years ago, departed.

The Creator of Worlds
Character | May 19, 2022

The Astralar

When the Creator of Worlds departed, it was members of the many Astralar races that came to Cartyrion and breathed life into it. The most powerful of these entities that are now the deities that govern the world and its folk.

The Astralar are not a single race of beings; there are many races among them, and at least a dozen extend their reach to Cartyrion. They do not always act in concert with each other; in fact they never do. Their rivalries have brought great consequence to the world, and likely will again someday.

The Astralar
Organization | May 25, 2022


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