The Creator of Worlds

Ages ago, the Creator of Worlds - as he had done countless times before and would do countless times again - reached out his hands into the void. He willed to his fingertips bits of essence from each of the Elements: Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Light, and Darkness. He shaped those bits of essence, putting each in its proper place, and when he was done, Cartyrion was born.   The Creator of Worlds then pulled back his hands and, pondering his work proclaimed…   Meh… It’ll do.
— Creation Story told by all the Folk of Cartyrion
The Creator of Worlds is considered by the sages and religious leaders of Cartyrion to be a unique, omnipotent being - by far the most powerful being in all of the many planes. The Creator of Worlds is unique within the universe in that it appears to be the only being capable of actually tapping the Five Fonts and the Drain to create conduits through which the Primal Energies flow. Those energies are shaped to form planes of existence and, within those planes, worlds such as Cartyrion.

It is the Creator of Worlds that shaped Cartyrion itself. Great mountain peaks and gentle hills were formed where before there was nothing. A cloud-filled sky appears where before there was the blackness of space. Water flows in rivers, collecting in lakes and seas great and small. Deep beneath the surface, the fires that keep the world alive are burning. A bright sun and two moons track across the skies. All these are the work of the Creator of Worlds.

But the Creator of Worlds does not breath life into the work. Once the world is formed, the Creator moves on to create another in another place, perhaps on this plane and perhaps not. When the Creator departs, the conduits used to bring the Primal Energies together remain open.
Other beings - the Astralar - follow the Creator of Worlds, taking possession of the completed worlds and using the existing conduits to shape the Primal Energies and give the world life. These beings become deities of the new world, and are worshipped by the beings they create to live upon it.

There are no religions or cults devoted to the Creator of Worlds, primarly because the Creator is not around to respond to them. It is possible that there are in fact many Creators of Worlds, acting either independently or in concert, but as none of these remain with a world to gather devotees, it is easier (and for some, more comforting) to speak of a single such super-deity.


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