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The Alevar

The Alevar were the first of the Astralar to arrive at Cartyrion after it was formed by the Creator of Worlds. With a barren planet of rock and sea to work with, the most powerful among them first created all of the simpler life that now abounds everywhere. On land, the grasses, trees, flowers, and other plants were created. Many of the animals of the land and sea were also created, though not all of the creatures that exist today. (For example, the Alevar created the hummingbirds and seed-eating songbirds that help to spread the beauty of flowers across the land, but they did not create all birds.) They went on to Awaken the Fey Creatures to "tend the gardens" and appreciate and revel in the natural world that had been created. Finally they Awakened the Alev people (sometimes called elves in the commonspeech of Cartyrion).

The Deities

Several of the Alevar have developed sufficient control over the Fonts to wield sufficient power as to be considered deities worthy of devotion by the Alev folk. These include the following:
Atezana is a goddess of healing, family, protection, and truth. She played a part in the Awakening of both the Alev and the Dwalev peoples.
Aurelana is a goddess of dreams, secrecy, and fate. She is the sister of Umbrelana.
Berdea is a god of creation, nature, and the sun. His argument with Ghaa'raagh of the Orokar prompted the Great Strife, during which he was a leader among the Gods of Consent.
Corizzea is a god of destruction, might, tyranny and zealous pursuits.
Shylea is a god of luck, trickery, passion, indulgence, greed, and wealth.
Torelea, is a god of confidence, freedom, knowledge, and travel.
Umbrelana, the sister of Aurelana, is a goddess of darkness, nightmares, pain, and death.
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