Adventure 2.1: The Journey to Spirit Lake

An adventure for a Level 2 party of 4 to 6 player characters in the World of Cartyrion

This is the First Installment in an arc of three Adventures designed for a Level 2 party of adventurers. It presumes that the Party has completed the adventure titled An Errand for Amalthea. If this is not the case, the Party will have to have been supplied with the impetus to begin on this arc by some other means.
In this adventure, the party will be traveling to the town of Spirit Lake, a town in the Northern Feywood. Evidence provided by the Lizardfolk to the Fey Council suggests that the reason for the mysterious disappearance of so many lesser Fey in the northern Feywood is that they are being hunted by humans of this town. The town's elders have been approached, but have either been unable or unwilling to put an end to the situation. Amalthea the Dryad, effective head of the Fey Council, is turning to the party for help in dealing with this threat.

The focus of this adventure is the journey to Spirit Lake itself and the encounters along the way. From the Game Master's perspective, the challenge is that there are two principle routes for the party to choose from, and each will need to have its own distinct encounter sets. Thus, both routes will need to be planned and built out; one will likely never see the light of day. Furthermore, it should be made clear to the party that regardless of which route is taken, it will take roughly the same amount of time to complete the trip. One route offers fast, easy travel on a longer path; the other offers fewer miles, but harsher terrain. One route offers beds, inns, and shops along the way, the other offers the opportunity to interact with the Fey and perhaps learn more of what is going on. Ideally, it should appear to be a toss-up as to which route the party takes.

Region Around the Bugbear's Head Inn

Potential Route 1 - The Roads, Villages, and Towns

If the party takes this route, they will first travel east to the village of Feybridge Crossing, then head north to Dryad Falls, and finally west to Spring lake. It seems to be the long way around, but by staying on the roads, travel is easy and fast, and the opportunity to sleep in real beds from time to time should be enticing.

The following encounters and "window dressing" should be prepared for this route:
  • In Feybridge Crossing, an Inn (with tavern/common room) is needed, along with several typical shops. The party will ask about acquisition of certain special supplies; availability and price should be predetermined.
  • As an encounter in Feybridge Crossing, the party should get caught up in a tavern brawl through no fault of their own. How they handle themselves will determine how the rest of their stay in Feybridge Crossing will go, as well as any future welcome to (or banishment from) the town.
  • In Dryad Falls, at least one Inn (with tavern/common room) is needed, along with several typical shops. (Multiple Inn names and proprietors can be identified, but only one phusical layout needs to be prepared and applied to whichever Inn the party chooses to stay at. As before, the party will ask about acquisition of certain special supplies; availability and price should be predetermined. Dryad Falls is bigger than Feybridge Crossing; the party will expect better availability of items.
  • In Dryad Falls, the party should encounter the Traveling Troupe. This is a band of roaming performers that will be well known to any party members that hail from the Feywood regions where the troup performs (e.g. anyone who was born in, or had extended stays in any of the cities and towns on the circuit roads through the forest). Again, how they interact with the troupe will determine how much information and help they gain for future adventures.
  • There will need to be an "on the road" encounter between Dryad Falls and Spirit Lake. This should be the major encounter of the session.

Potential Route 2 - The Forest and Fens

If the party takes this route, a number of forest/swamp encounters will be required to fill out the adventure. If they take the "as the crow flies" route, they will avoid the Fens, but also be far from the streams. If they follow the streams, they will have to deal with the Fens (which they have already visited) - and they'll have to deal with the particularly nasty, swampy terrain around Spirit Lake itself (and Little Spirit Lake).
  • The first encounter should be gremlin-related - with something more significant that the Mitflits and Jinxkins they have faced before.
  • The second encounter should be with a large predator.
  • The third encounter should involve a poaching party working out of Spirit Lake, which the party may attempt to capture and question. How they deal with this one will have a big determination on how they deal with the Investigation in the next adventure in the arc.

Ending the Adventure

This adventure ends with the party arriving in the town of Spirit Lake. If they have not already been talking about what approach they will take to investigate goings on, they should have some time to focus on this now - possibly with a bit of prodding/suggesting by the Game Master. If between-session role-playing is used, that would be a perfect opportunity to encourage planning prior to the next adventure.


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