Aroniel Godfrey, the Whistling Pirate

When he whistles ya ter sleep,
Yer loot is his ta keep
And ye'll wake up all the poorer in the morn.
— from Whistling Aron the Pirate, a Tyrnabay nursery rhyme
There have been many pirates sailing out of Tyrnabay in the millenia since the The Great Strife. Most are forgotten, but some have become legendary. Most becaome famous for their success, for the riches they amassed, or perhaps for their fierceness, stubbornness, and brutality. But one has become a celebrated legend for unique, genteel way of separating folk from their belongings. This is Aroniel Godfrey, the Whistling Pirate

Birth and Childhood

Aroniel was born into the minor noble family of House Godfrey whose lands were near the inland city of Borderkeep in the First Kingdom's Duchy of Istria. This land at the edge of the kingdom bordered the Dwarven lands around the Ironhill Delve and the northern edges of the Elvenhome .

The family was involved in necessary commerce between the human-centric First Kingdom and the nearby Elves and Dwarves, and as a result of these interactions, Aroniel's father Gardric met and fell in love with an elf named Istrialla Astratana. Aroniel was the result of their mating. He was also the reason that House Godfrey was stripped of its lands and titles by the xenophobic First Kingdom, leaving the child and his parents destitute.

Gardric's trading connections allowed them to recover though, and Aroniel's childhood was unexceptional. But he developed a deep resentment for the First Kingdomand its representatives, and not long after reaching adulthood, he set off to get as far from them as he could. He made his way south into the more tolerant Grand Duchies.

Career at Sea

He eventually found himself in the port city of Siren's Point, where he joined a merchant vessel crew. On his fist voyage out, the ship was beset by Tyrnabay pirates, and he was pressed into servitude by the pirates to replace crew lost in the raid.

Aroniel Godfrey

Aron Godfrey
Whistling Aron
the Singing Pirate
the Whistling Pirate
the Pirate Bard
the Gentlefolk's Pirate
Date of Birth
06 Time of Thirar's Carrack, 2043CR
Date of Death
16 Time of Thirar's Carrack, 2111CR (age 77)
Associated Organization
The Fellowship
Founder, Fleet Captain

Aroniel discovered he didn't mind the life of a pirate, and quickly rose from being not-quite-slave labor to trusted crew member. The ship he was on, the "Duke's Dismay", was not part of any of the great Tyrnabay fleets, but it did well enough as an independent.

The Whistling Pirate

It was also at this time that Aroniel discovered he had a special talent. He had always enjoyed music. He sang well, and could play several instruments passably. He often entertained his pirate crewmates with songs of life at sea. But in his musical dabbling, he discovered that with the right combination of notes, he could affect the Six Energies - the forces that manifest as magic throughout Cartyrion. His music could make magic happen if he performed the right notes in the right sequence. He also discovered that, while he could learn to manifest magic while singing or playing, it was while whistling that he was best able to control the energies that powered his spells.

Aroniel quickly learned whistling combinations that allowed him to disable opposing crews when his mates overtook a prize ship. He could direct the effects to leave his mates alone, and the effects carried as far as his whistling could be heard. It didn't take long for other pirates of Tyrnabay noticed the success of the little independent Dismay, and to hear of the half-elf responsible. It also didn't take much to convince the crew to name Aroniel as new captain when the time came. Successes and riches flowed even faster, and more crews and ships offered to join Aroniel, or the Whistling Pirate, as he had come to be known.

The Fellowship

Soon, Aroniel found himself at the head of a fleet of raiding ships. Captains and crews of all the peoples wanted to be part of his success. Thus, the fleet organization known as the Fellowship was formed. Aroniel insisted, however, on rules of behavior that would set this fleet apart from all others in Tyrnabay. Aroniel was never a violent person, and abhorred unnecessary bloodshed. Thus he demanded that his crews not harm any that yielded willingly. They were also forbidden from doing any damage not needed to bring a target ship to heel. Many of his new followers found the adjustment difficult, but before long, Aroniel's rules were followed.

The Fellowship's raiding successes continued to mount, and a reputation began to spread not just among the pirates of Tyrnabay, but among ships and their crews across the kingdoms and nations. The Fellowship had attracted a number of Awkwana Stormtamers, and between those and the magical power of their fleet captain, the Fellowship was considered impossible to defeat. The knowledge that a surrendering ship would retain its crew and ability to sail on made often their decision to yield even easier.


Whistling Aron led the Fellowship for nearly 20 years before succumbing to a disease contracted in some jungle while resupplying his ship. But to this day, his exploits are retold, and the Fellowship continues to follow his rules. In addition to the Stormtamers, their ships carry magic wielders - wizards if necessary, but preferably bards who can shape magic with music.

A Nursery rhyme in Tyrnaby has memorialized Whistling Aron and some of his exploits. The Fellowship continues to attract Folk from anywhere and everywhere willing to sign on as pirates, but not committed to the violence the other fleets are known for. And to this day, among the Fellowship and any who ever sailed with them, should the name of Aroniel Godfrey come up in conversation (in any of its forms), thoes around will acknowledge it with a brief, three-note whistle in salute.


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