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Whistling Aron the Pirate

Nursery rhymes can tell a lot about the history and attitudes of a people in a place, and the kingdom of Tyrnabay is no exception to that. One children's rhyme tells of the exploits of a pirate known as Whistling Aron. It emerged over 170 years ago, and has been popular - at least in Tyrnabay - ever since.


The subject of the tale was a real person: Aroniel Godfrey, the Whistling Pirate. The specifics of this pirate's deeds may have been somewhat exaggerated and glorified by the rhyme. But historical records indicate that they at least reflect the activities that Whistling Aron and his fleet - the fledgling version of what is now the Fellowship were known to have performed.

The Fleet is still known for its nonviolent approach to piracy and its heavy reliance on magic, both of which are reflected in the rhyme. These originated with Aron's employment of Awkwana Stormtamers, and his ability to manipulate magic with music, particularly by whistling. To this day, the Fleet employs bards and the specially-trained Awkwana druids to emulate their founder's ability to disable the defenders of a prize.

Whistling Aron

If yer sailin' the high seas
And floatin' on the breeze
Ya hears a soothin' tune that makes ye mellow
Just relax and find a place
Ta rest yer head - there's no disgrace
'Tis an honor to be plundered by a Fellow!

When he whistles ya ter sleep,
Yer loot is his ta keep
And ye'll wake up all the poorer in the morn.
But Whistlin' Aron'll let ye lie
There's no need fer ye ta die!
He's the kindest pirate ever that's been born!


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Sapha Burnell
10 Aug, 2023 18:11

Whistling Aron! He might be a thief, but he'll give you a tune. This made me smile.

11 Aug, 2023 12:55

I had fun with this, too. Children's rhymes and songs are a bit out of my wheelhouse, but it was fun.   Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

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