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The Kwanar

The Kwanar were the eleventh group of Astralar to arrive at Cartyrion - essentially the last group that would be responsible for bringing the Peoples of the world into existence. When they arrived more than 8400 years after the world was first created, they discovered a world already filled with the children of the other Astralar that had preceded them.

As others did before them, the Kwanar first attuned themselves to the sources of the Six Energies by creating fauna that would roam the world. As they did so, they brought the avian raptors into existence - birds of prey that they placed all across Cartyrion as their way of announcing their arrival. Then, they turned their attention to Awakening a people as other Astralar before them had done.

Wishing, as most of the others before them did, to give their creations an opportunity to grow and flourish without early interference by others, they sought a place on the world where they could Awaken their children in peace. Finally, they decided on a high mountaintop in a remote land - far from the clusters of Alev, Human, Orok, Giantkin, and others that were already well scattered across the world.

The Awkwana, the People of the Kwanar, were Awakened in a place they came to call Kal Ruk - literally "first home", or "first roost" in the Awkwan tongue. Two of the Kwanar were responsible for the Awakening: Aarada Kal Atchi crafted the forms of the first Awkwana, while Kal Tah Awkwa instilled the essence of life into the forms. Once Awakened, the other Kwanar taught these new people a way of living that they felt was suitable - a way of life that stressed honesty, justice, and the importance of devoting one's efforts to the improvement of all Awkwana.

The Deities

As with other Astralar, only a few of the Kwanar are sufficiently powerful in their control of the Six Energies to rise to deity status. But also as with other Astralar, there are many of their number that are considered demigods. Many are also "patrons" of Awkwana who pursue knowledge of the magical arts as sorcerors.

Aarada Kal Atchi
The Maker of First Things is a god of creation, earth and water. He was responsible for shaping the physical forms of the first Awkwana Awakened on Cartyrion - forms that Kal Tah Awkwa then animated with her abilities.
Aawalama Tchakaana
The Giver of Dreams is a goddess of the night, and, as her name suggests, is the giver of dreams and nightmares to the Awkwana.
Aawalama Tchataakri
The Giver of Justice is the goddess of justice and pain. She was responsible for instilling into the Awkwana a deep respect for justice in all things.
Kal Tah Awkwa
The First Master of Life is a goddess of creation. healing, air and fire, but also of death (and undeath). She was responsible for breathing life into the forms that were created by Aarada Kal Atchi when the first Awkwana were Awakened.
Kal Tcharahtaka
The First Among the Wise is the Awkwan goddess of wisdom, learning, and magic. She instilled among the Awkwana the desire to always improve oneself by learning and developing innate talents that could be put to use to better all Awkwan society.
Tchalada Awkwa
The Defender of the People is the Awkwan god of war, zeal in battle, protection, and family.


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