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The Astralar

The Astralar are not a single race, but rather a collection of races of supernatural beings that dwell on many Planes of Existence throughout the universe. While they devote their time and effort to the manipulation of worlds within the Primary Plane, they choose to actually live in alternative Planes of Existence are connected to the Primary Plane by a special type of portal through which energies can flow, but which do not normally permit the passage of beings themselves. These alternative planes are usually referred to as "the heavens" by the Folk of Cartyrion.

The most powerful among the Astralar are responsible for the creation of all of the living plants and animals of the world, as well as creation, or Awakening of the Folk - the major intelligent races of people that populate the world. These are the deities to whom the Folk offer their devotion. But not all are sufficiently powerful to be considerd deities. In fact, the vast majority of them do not - instead they serve as minions - servants and messengers - of their more powerful brothers and sisters. In the time of the Great Strife, armies of Astralar squared off against one another in the heavens just as armies of mortals squared off on Cartyrion.

The Races of the Astralar

There are twelve major races of Astralar that have significantly affected the world of Cartyrion and its Folk. This is not to say that more may not appear in the future, or even that more may be present now - just that these eleven are the ones that have figured in the history of Cartyrion in a major way.

Factions and Clashes Among the Astralar

Just as there are good and evil among all the races of the Folk, so too there are good and evil among each race of the Astralar. While many of their number devote their efforts to the creation of their version of beauty and intelligence, there are others that revel in the chaos of disruption and destruction. This results in many clashes among their number; some minor and some more significant.

The greatest of the clashes, which involved more than half of all the Astralar watching over Carytrion squaring off against each other, spilled over to Cartyrion itself. This two hundred year perior, known as the Great Strife , brought great devastation to the world - devastation that still mars parts of the world over two thousand years later.

The Great Strife was a clash between two large factions that formed among the Astralar; groups the sages of Cartyrion have called the Gods of Consent and the Gods of Coercion. These factions formed over two thousand years ago; the result was the which wrought devastation all across the world. The scars of that conflict can still be seen on Cartyrion.

There are a number of other rivalries between individuals and groups of the Astralar. Many of these are "friendly rivalries" that may result in one deity playing tricks to challenge or annoy another. Others are bitter and can have consequences not only among the Astralar themselves, but upon Cartyrion and the devotees those Astralar as well.


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