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The Duagnar

The Duagnar were the third race of Astralar to arrive on the scene at Cartyrion, and discovered a world whose surface had already been made green with life, and scattered with living things created by the Alevar and Orokar that arrived before them. But they are beings with strong connections to what the Folk call the the primal font of Earth energy, and so they they looked not only at the surface of the world, but beneath it - and there they found a blank canvas for themselves to express their own creativity.

Many of the Duagnar began to exercise their creative powers by "decorating" the world deep beneath the world with deposits of gems and precious metals of varying descriptions. The most powerful among them, Goranin and his partner Trudanna, created varying forms of deep-dwelling creatures, as well as fungal live for these to feed upon. Eventually, the pair worked together to Awaken their greatest creation: the Duagan People. Some years later, Trudanna collaborated with Atezana of the Alevar to Awaken another new race: the Dwalev Folk.

The Deities

Several of the Alevar have developed sufficient control over the Fonts to wield sufficient power as to be considered deities worthy of devotion by the Alev folk. These include the following:
Belmaera is the Duagan trickster god, a selfish deity of indulgence, passion, and trickery.

Duardin is the Duagan god of war, pain, and protection. He is also the god of confidence, might and zeal in battle.
Though most of the Duagnar focused their efforts on the world beneath the surface of Cartyrion, Dwalvar takes an interest in the world above. He is the Duagan deity of the sun, the moons, nature, and travel.  
Gimna is the Duagan goddess of dreams and nightmares, but also of fate, luck, truth, and fair play.
Goranin, with Trudanna, Awakened the first Duagan people. His deific domains include ambition and wealth as well as creation, and is recognized among the Duagnar as the one of their number most proficient in the control of Earth and Fire energies.  
Gordrimm is the Duagan god of darkness, death, and the dead themselves, which also implies domain over the realm of the undead. He is also a keeper of secrets.
Trudanna is a goddess of creation, family, healing, and protection. She is also, among the Duagnar, the most prolific in the control of Air and Water energies.


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