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Mother Atezana, also called the Fey Mother, is the goddess of Healing, Family, Protection, and Truth. After her partner Berdea created the common flora and faunt and covered Cartyrion with them, Atezana used her powers to bring about the Awakening of the Fey. She set these creatures to care for the creations of her partner: the Dryads to watch over the forests of great trees, and the Limoniads to watch over the meadows and their grasses and flowers. She Awakened the Naiads to watch over the rivers, pools, and freshwater lakes, and the Nereids to watch over the oceans and seas. Finally even though Berdea's touch was light upon the mighty mountains of the world, she Awakened the Oreads to watch over his works there.

But Atezana and Berdea were not satisfied, and so they worked together to bring about the Awakening of the Elves. Because of this, all Elves acknowledge Atezana and Berdea as their co-creators and give them some devotion, even if they choose to follow another deity.

Atezana was still not completely satisfied, but she was uncertain as to what exactly it was that she thought was missing from her creations. It was not until Goranin and Trudanna of the Duagnar arrived and Awakened the Dwarves that she realized what it was. The Elves were often too engrossed in the beauty surrounding them to actually do much to improve themselves. They lacked a sense of industry - something the Duagnar's Dwarves were brimming with. So Atezana approached Trudanna with an idea, and not long afterward, the two of them caused the Awakening of the Gnomes. These creatures combined what each Mother thought were the best qualities of their earlier creations.

Most of the devotees of Atezana are Elves or Half-Elves of any non-Evil alignment. New parents often look to Atezana for favors or protection as well, as do most Elven and some Half-elven healers.

Divine Domains

Atezana is the Elven goddess of Healing, Family, Protection, and Truth.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Atezana's holy symbol is an Acorn. Acolytes and the lower priests of Atezana will wear a natural acorn pendant around their necks. High priests of the goddess can be identified by an acorn covered in fine gold leaf.

Tenets of Faith

One should make every effort to maintain good family relationships.
One should always speak truth to family.

One must never abandon one’s family to danger.
One must never separate a child from its family.



rival (Trivial)

Towards Corizzea




rival (Important)

Towards Atezana





Towards Berdea




Towards Atezana


Alternate Names
Mother Atezana (by Elves and Gnomes)
Fey Mother

Deity Alignment
Lawful Good

Divine Classification

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