The Ponderous Eye

Notes for the Game Master

The Ponderous Eye is larger in the sky than Earth's moon appears to be. Its deep reddish color means that it does not shed much light even when it is full in the sky. For purposes of determining night-time light levels, the Ponderous Eye should not be considered as a light source. (Its companion, the Darting Eye, by contrast, sheds as much light as Earth's moon does as it goes through its phases.)
he Creator of Worlds decided that Cartyrion should be graced with not one, but two heavenly bodies to rule the night skies. The larger of the two is called the Ponderous Eye by most of the folk of Cartyrion. Most sages agree that this name comes from the patterns of features on the face of the Ponderous Eye that resemble the veins visible in the eyes of any living creature. Parents keep their children in line by telling them that the gods actually watch over Cartyrion by seeing through the eye.

Description and Phases

The Ponderous Eye is deep reddish in color, and is by far the larger of the two moons that traverse the skies of Cartyrion. It completes a cycle of phases every eighty-three days, so there typically only four times during a year when the Ponderous Eye is fully opened - which is how the folk of the world refer to a full moon phase. Conversely, those few days every cycle when the moon does not appear in the sky at all are referred to as the times when the Ponderous Eye is closed or asleep. In between, it is simply either "opening" or "closing"

Every five years or so - in fact every 1909 days - there is a conjunction of the Ponderous Eye and its night sky companion, the Darting Eye while both are in their "fully open" phase. This event which results in a spectacle in the sky resembling ablood-red iris-less eye with a bright, ghostly white pupil. is referred to as the Night of the Necromancer's Eye. This is a night when most folk lock themselves indoors for fear of creatures and spirits that may be abroad in the world that night. It is also a night that those afflicted with lycanthropic conditions fear tremendously, as on these nights, even the most powerful controlling elixirs that help them control their affliction are powerless to prevent their conversion.


According to the Sages of the Elvenhome, who have access to the Chronicles of the Elves, the Ponderous Eye was, for a time, referred to as Corizzea's Eye, but that name fell out of use when the Orcs were Awakened. It then became known as the Orc's Eye.

It was not until Humans were Awakened and spread throughout the world that the term Ponderous Eye - the Human name for the celestial body - became ubiquitous.
Alternative Name(s)
Umbrelana's Eye (by the Alev)
The Blood Moon (by the Orok)
The Dark Moon (by the Taxlatl)
Planetoid / Moon
Cover Image by Markus Klingler from Pixabay


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