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Bringing Life to a New World

When the Creator of Worlds departed Cartyrion, they left behind landscapes of great majesty and wonder. Towering, rocky peaks loomed over broad plains of fertile land while crystal clear streams and rivers brought water to lakes, seas, and the great oceans.

Snowcapped mountain peak
by Viola
But for all its natural beauty and wonder, the world left behind by the Creator of Worlds was a lifeless one. The Creator knew, however, that other celestial beings would follow in his wake.

These beings of several races, collectively called the Astralar, lacked the Creator's knowledge and power needed to coax the Six Energies from their universal sources, but they could access and manipulate the Energies through the channels the Creator of Worlds left behind. The most powerful of the Astralar could weave the Energies from these channels into new, living things to populate the world.
Rocky seacoast at sunset
Rocky Seashore by 12019
Rocky cliffs at desert's edge
Rocky Cliffs by Frank Winkler

If you are interested in learning more about how and why the various Astralar chose to bring the flora and fauna of Cartyrion to life, a series of articles further on will lead you through the history of their activities. If you are looking for an index of all the known creatures of Cartyrion, look no further than here:
A Cartyrion Bestiary
Generic article | Dec 30, 2023

An A to Z listing of creatures that may be encountered when adventuring in the World of Cartyrion

The Origins and History of Life on Cartyrion

The Astralar are not a single people; they are diverse in their appearance, attitudes, and cultures. And they did not arrive at Cartyrion all at once. Different groups appeared at different times across the first few millenia of Cartyrion's existence, and as each group arrived, they made their own marks upon the world.


Banner Image by Frank Ravizza from Pixabay

All sidepanel images of playable Folk parentages by RPGDinosaurBob using HeroForge

Rocky cliffs image in preamble by Frank Winkler from Pixabay
Snowy peak image in preamble by Viola ' from Pixabay
Rocky seashore image in preamble by 12019 from Pixabay


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Jan 9, 2024 13:12 by K.S. Bishoff

This so beautifully connects the gods, the peoples, and the beasts of your world in one tidy bundle!

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Jan 11, 2024 05:10 by Bob O'Brien

Thanks! That's exactly what I was going for through the whole thing. There are still a few fringe groups of critters that need explaining (like... SPIDERS!!!) I've got their creators planned, just not included in the docs yet.

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Jan 11, 2024 13:36 by E. Christopher Clark

This is an excellent overview of how life arrived on Cartyrion, and is inspirational on a number of levels. First, I just love that you found a way to craft a history article outside of the timeline and/or chronicles interface. For a number of years, I’ve struggled with where to put and how to craft stories of my world’s history that don't fit neatly into any of the WA-provided templates, and which were also too big to just be an entry on a timeline. You've provided a great example here.   I’m also really impressed by the way that the excerpts for each of the article’s you've embedded are written with their proximity to each other and/or ordering in mind. The result is that, rather than it feeling like a collection of thrown-together links to other articles, those links and excerpts all feel like a vital part of the article we’re reading right now.   It’s the little things, the attention to detail, that make writers like you rise to the top of our community where we can look to you for inspiration.

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