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The Halflings of Cartyrion

This article is one of a series providing basic information for someone choosing to role-play a Halfling Player Character (PC) in a TTRPG based in the World of Cartyrion. The series is designed to encourage preparation of a Player Character by focusing on the nature of the character without focusing on the game statistics.
Life for a halfling is all about the pursuit of the good things in life: pleasant company... comfortable surroundings... and most important of all, good food and drink. That doesn't mean you're lazy, or unwilling to actually work toward surrounding yourself with these things though. In fact, you may be quite industrious and creative in your pursuit of "good living". Your people exist because one of the Humanar deities that first Awakened your "big cousins" the Humans decided that their first creations were a bit too stoic in their approach toward life. So when Caronalyn of the Humanar Awakened your first ancestors, she instilled in them a deep sense of appreciation for comfort and happiness.

Physical Description

Halflings are short - about half the size of their Human "big cousins". Otherwise, they resemble Humans in proportion and most physical features, though their appreciation for good food means many will end up a bit bulkier than the average human in build. They tend to be more nimble than humans as a rule, though - a necessity when living in a world full of bigger Folk.

Facial Characteristics
Halflings have very human-like faces. Some have ears are ever so slightly pointed, but others have "human-rounded" ears. Facial hair is rare, though not unheard of among Halfling males.
Preferred Race Name
Native Language
There is a distinct Halfling language, but it is rarely spoken even among Halflings except in long-established predominantly Halfling communities. It is more prevalent among Darkwood and Gloomwalker cultures, and Pastorals to a lesser extent. Common is more prevalent. A Halfling will quickly pick up any language dominant where they live.
Genetic Descendants
150 years
Average Height
2'9" to 3'6" (85-105cm)
Average Weight
40-70lbs (18-32kg)
Coloration and Markings
Halfling skin tones have the same range as that of humans - from pale pinkish peach to deep, rich browns. Hair color is predominantly some shade of brown, but can range from a light sandy to almost pure black.
Special Senses
Halfling eyesight is particularly good. While they are no better able to see in the dark than humans, they have the ability to detect slight movement - or tiny glinty objects - from relatively large distances.


The grumpy Halfling is a rare Halfling. Most are of a pleasant, polite demeanor - even those who may be up to no good.

Origins & Spread Across Cartyrion

Like their "big cousins", the first Halflings were Awakened in the region that came to be dominated by the Humans - the region now referred to as "The Kingdoms". But their pursuit of happiness has resulted in them ranging far and wide, and now Halflings can be found almost everywhere on Cartyrion that any of the Folk have settled. There are many enclaves and villages that consist mostly of Halflings, but many villages of the other Folk - and essentially every large town and city - will have a decent share of Halflings among the population.


Halflings are born and develop much like their human cousins, though perhaps a bit more slowly. Childhood is typically presumed to extend through at least the first fifteen years of the Halfling's life, with adolescence settling in at around age 15 or 16. A halfling is not considered an adult until age 25, but even that age is considered "young and foolish" by Halfling Elders. At this age, it is not uncommon for a Halfling to leave home to "see the world and find their fortune".

While a few childhood sweetheart couples may life-bond at the age of 25, most Halflings don't think about making that sort of commitment until they reach their forties at least. But once they do commit to another, that commitment is for life. Halfling females are capable of giving birth until they reach their early nineties. During their child-bearing years, births tend to be at least a year apart, and almost all births are of a single child. Twins are rare, but not unheard of, but mulltiple births beyond two generally never occur.

"Old age" for a halfling doesn't begin until they reach their 125th year, and most live until at least the age of 150.


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