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Duncan's General Goods

Every village and town has at least one general goods store, and in the village of Spirit Lake, that store is Duncan's General Goods. Now run by Amaric Duncanson, the son of the original owner, this shop purveys a variety of goods including household items, fabrics, some utilitarian clothing, simple tools, essentially non-perishable consumables, and even some candies and toys for the little ones.

Founding Date
06 Time of Chitsone's Diamond, 2105CR
Parent Location

Available Goods and Services

Supplies & Tools for Sale
Weapons & Ammo for Sale


Tokens and Character images, including side panel fey images, made by RPGDinosaurBob using HeroForge®
Banner image by RPGDinosaurBob using Flowscape on Steam.
Side panel forest images by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Cover image: The Inn from the Bridge over Daphinia's Stream by RPGDinosaurBob (with Flowscape)


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