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Harwise Herbs and Remedies

Located across the stree from the eastern corner of the village square, Harwise Herbs and Remedies is the village apothecary. It is owned and operated by Harwise Puddlefoot, a halfling master alchemist.

Much of what is available in the store consists of bundles of leaves, herbs and other ingredients used to make teas to soothe nerves, calm minor stomach upsets, help one get to sleep, etc. But there are also a few more powerful or useful items that an adventurer may wish to have along in case of emergencies. This includes a few products not directly linked with healing, but as they are produced by the alchemical arts, Harwise offers them for sale as well.

In addition to the main shop space on the ground floor, there is a back room where most of the common products sold in the store are mixed and packaged; Harwise Puddlefoot's alchemy laboratory is on the upper floor next to his living quarters.

Available Goods and Services

Goods for Sale


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