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The Roadhead Inn

The village of Spirit Lake came into existence because of an establishment called the Lakeside Inn that was established along the road between Karnstown and Dryad Falls in the year 2011CR. But a few years after the town was established, that landmark burned to the ground. A recent arrival at Spirit Lake, a Dwarf named Lutgar Oakenarm, took the opportunity to get himself set up in business. Purchasing the land from where the rubble of the old inn stood, he used his artisinal skills to build a new inn -- this one primarily of stone. Any oak beams used for actual structural support were protected from fire by a layer of plaster (a Dwarven masonry secret any exposed wood was more for decoration than function.

The inn stands on the western edge of town, and Lutgar named it the Roadhead because it marked the beginning of the road to Karnstown. For many years after daily coach service started between Dryad Falls and Karnstown, the coaches would stop at the Roadhead when they reached Spirit Lake, but some 48 years ago, a rival inn was built at the opposite edge of town and it "stole" the coach service. Lutgar has never forgiven the owners of the Coach Stop Inn for that, and holds the same animosity for Rikard Fenbrook, the Coach Stop's current owner, as he held for Rikard's father.
Founding Date
13 Time of Enfindiel's Diadem, 2025CR
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