The Two Bridges Inn

Yeah... if yer lookin' fer a good time in Feybridge Crossin', ye'll be wantin ter spend th' night at the Two Bridges. Not that ye got much choice... it's the only inn the town's got. But th' food's good... the drink's plentiful... the gamin' tables are mostly fair... and there aren't too many bugs in the beddin'. Heh... fer a few extra silvers, ye can even get yerself a personal 'bedwarmer', if ye catch me meanin' <wink> <wink>
— Traveling merchant explaining the Two Bridges Inn to a first-time visitor to Feybridge Crossing
The Two Bridges Inn is by all accounts a perfect representation of the town of Feybridge Crossing. A small frontier town that is the jumping off point - or retreating back point - for the pioneers and prospectors that think they can make their fortune in the wilds of the Feywood. Feybridge Crossing is a pretty wild town. And the Two Bridges Inn is a pretty wild inn. It's also the only place in town where a room can be rented, a hot prepared meal be purchased, or an evening of drinking can be accommodated. The inevitable gamblers that are attracted to towns like this around the world have their place too -- the inn expanded by adding a whole gaming room a few years ago.

The afternoon crowd isn't too bad, but the evening crowds can get rather boisterous -- and sometimes violent. There's a good brawl in the tavern at least once a week - usually on Fifthday evening - the night before the day of rest.

Founding Date
originally some time in the year 2055CR; current rebuild complete in 2162CR (15 years ago)

Available Fare

The food available at the Two Bridges Inn is better than what can be had at many roadside inns, but it is nothing spectactular. Basic, but hearty meals of roast meats, stews, and whatever vegetables the farmers are selling can be ordered. The fresh bread and cheeses are rather tasty, but expensive. The same loaf of bread can be bought for half the price at the baker down the street from the Inn. (Literally the same loaf; the baker supplies the inn.) The hard cheese is locally made by one of the farmers, but, like the bread, can be purchased for half what the Inn charges if you know who to ask.

In the libation department, the house ale is reasonable, but, like the food, nothing special. However, the Inn always maintains a stock of the Nut Brown Ale produced at a granary/brewery/distillery about a week's travel down the road toward Karnstown by two Gnome alchemists: Maydillbass Ginball and Wyzbirrit Knunkett. While most of their stock supplies the Bugbear's Head Inn directly across the road from them, some excess finds its way to Feybridge Crossing. It can be ordered in the Two Bridges common room for only three times what it costs at the Bugbear's Head. A selection of wines and meads is available, depending on what the merchants bring down from the north; none are produced locally.

Details and History

Purpose /Function

The Two Bridges Inn is the only Inn in the village of Feybridge Crossing. It is the only establishment that rents overnight rooms or beds to travelers, and its common room is the only tavern in the village. Finally, it is also the only brothel in the village - at least the only openly operating one.


The building is a typical, though large, wood-construction frontier building. It is bullt on a wooden post-and-beam frame, with wooden siding, and a sloped slate roof. Some relatively expensive glass windows adorn the street frontage of the common room. Cruder glass is used in the second floor room windows.

History & Alterations

The first Inn was built about 25 years after the founding of the village of Feybridge Crossing - which was little more than a few homes and shops that built up around the juncture of two rivers in the heart of the Feywood. The main reason for the village's existence was the ferry services that carried people across either of the two rivers so they could continue whatever exploration they wished to pursue in the Feywood. Traffic slowly increased over the years until finally, two bridges were built. The Inn, which took its name from those two bridges, was put up a year later.

Thirty years after it was first opened, the original building burned to the ground when a lamp, overturned in an altercation in the common room, set the building ablaze. Four people died in the fire, and the two mercenary merchant guards that were accused of causing the fight were hanged in the town square. The new building that was erected was larger than the first, with a bigger common room and more rental overnight rooms available on the second floor.

About fifteen years ago, the gambler WIlliston Hartfell offered to finance a significant expansion to the place; he wanted to add a casino room for games of chance. Since that time, Hartfell has been a co-owner of the establishment along with the descendent family of the original builder. A neighboring property was purchased and its buildings razed. New stables were erected on this site. The original stables were then torn down and an extension added to the inn building to connect a gaming room to the common room. Small bedrooms on a balcony level above the gaming floor were added as well. While these are available for travelers, several are permanently used by the "intimate recreation" staff that works the common room and gaming room each night.

Yep... If yer travelin' through the Feywood an' ya needs a place to stay in Feybridge Crossing, ye'll have no choice but ter check out the Two Bridges Inn. Just remember ta keep yer coin pouch securely fixed to yer belt, an' ye'll enjoy yer stay there.
— Traveling merchant explaining the Two Bridges Inn to a first-time visitor to Feybridge Crossing


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