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The Village of Feybridge Crossing


The village was founded 125 years ago, though it was called Feywood Crossing at the time since the bridges didn't yet exist. Founded along the road that followed the Dryad River south from Dryad Falls, this was a location where two other rivers merged. Just downriver from that merge point, three siblings established a raft-ferry river crossing service and a general goods trading post to serve the intrepid explorers and daring merchants that wanted to find a more direct route from Dryad Falls to Karnstown in the southwest. Today, a road runs a fairly straight line from Feybridge Crossing to Karnstown.

By the time the first bridge was built to replace the ferry service, the village had grown to a population of about 100 or so, and a few other shops of the sort typical for a small village were established. One specialized in fabrics, threads, yarns, and clothing. Another sold cheese - both locally produced by the growing number of farmers establishing themselves in the region and other carried long distances by merchants. A butcher shop and a bakery also sprung up to serve the town.

Eventually, three priests - travelers from Endmere - decided that the village needed spiritual uplifting, so they constructed a building at what was then the southern edge of town. This building contained a number of altar niches to honor a variety of gods - mostly Humanar, but there were a few shrines to Alevar, Duagnar, and even Goblinar deities as well. The building also served as a meeting hall for town gatherings - until a separate Town Hall was constructed across the street.

When gold was discovered in the mountains called the Teeth of the Seafar to the southeast about 40 years ago, a new road was established - and a second bridge built to cross the stream that cut across this road. The town saw a bit of a population explosion at this time due to the gold rush - its population swelled to near its current 2000 or so.

The Village of Feybridge Crossing

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