Laurels & Loot

RPG Rules for Adventurers seeking fame, glory, and goodies!

Laurels and Loot is a rule system for playing Tabletop Fantasy Role-playing games (TTRPGs), and is the result of over forty-five years of gameplay in a number of systems. It attempts to adhere to the simplicity of play often associated with the earliest versions of games in the TTPRG space, but certain elements of newer gaming styles have been added as well.


Things to Remember

Measurements throughout these rules are given in both Imperial (feet, lbs, etc.) and Metric (cm, kg, etc.) units. The conversions between the two are not intended to be exact; they are approximated to provide "useful" numbers for players preferring either system.

This is especially true of distances associated with speed and size. These are intended to accomodate players using map grids that rely on the usual standards of 5ft grids for Imperial, and 1.5m grids for metric. Conversions between these are intended to maintain the same number of grid squares (or hexes), and not necessarily the correct results based on mathematical conversions, which could seem to grow significantly over very long distances. This is a feature, not a flaw!

Rolling Dice on Tables
The online version of these rules include tables with an automatic dice roller built in, and therefore usually do not include a column to indicate the die roll associated with the table row. These tables will have a clickable "Roll" button to select from the table. Some longer tables may be presented differently in the printed (including PDF) and online versions of the rules, with the printed versions requiring a cross-reference lookup of two dice results, and the online version being more linear. Once more, though, a "Roll" button will allow a random selection from such online tables.

Table of Contents

  • Creating a Player Character
  • Inherent Abilities
  • Specialties

  • Playing the Game
  • Exploration
  • Encounters
  • Downtime

  • Combat
  • Damage
  • Recovery and Healing

  • Conditions

  • Magic
  • Using Magic
  • Using Magical Items

  • Equipment
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Common Gear
  • Magical Items

  • Appendix
  • List of Spells
  • Magical Item Details
  • Weapon Details
  • Armor Details
  • Gear Details

  • Bestiary

  • Designer's Thoughts
  • Credits

    The Laurels and Loot Rule System is published by Bob O'Brien
    It is available to all in accordance with the Creative Commons (Attribution) license
    (Creative Commons 4.0 International License)

    Laurels and Loot Rules are derived in part from the following sources:
    Knave 2.0 TTRPG System Rules published by Ben Milton
    in compliance with
    (Creative Commons 4.0 International License)

    The banners on these pages was composed with art attributed to:
    b0red from Pixabay (treasure chest image)
    Gordon Johnson from Pixabay (laurels image)

    The side panels are composed with art attributed to:
    Evelyn Chai from Pixabay (dungeon passage)


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