Using Magic

Any character is capable of wielding magic, provided they have access to at least one spell in a spellbook, scroll, or wand in their inventory.

All magical knowledge is contained within Spellbooks Spellbooks are small tomes in which magical spells can be recorded by the caster. One spellbook can hold at most five spells, and they must all be of the same spell level. A character can have access to as many spellbooks as they wish, provided they have the inventory slots for them. (Cantrips, or level-less spells must be in their own spellbook as well.) A spellbook occupies one slot in your inventory. Spells will consist of an Audible component, a Gesture component, or a Material component, or any combination of the three.

Before setting out on an adventure, your character may prepare a number of spells in advance equal to their INT bonus. Spells prepared in this manner can be cast without having the spellbook held in your character's hands. These spells will still require their Audible, Gesture, and/or Material components, but it is not necessary to be handling the spellbook in order to cast them.

Alternatively, any spell in a spellbook can be "read" to be cast, but this requires that your character must have the spellbook readied - an action that requires one combat round and one free hand to hold the spellbook. If the spell has Gesture and/or Material components, the other hand must be free as well.

Casting a spell drains Stamina Points; the number of points lost is randomly determined based on the spell's level:
  • Cantrips do not drain SP.
  • Spells of Level 1 or 2 drain 1d4 SP
  • Spells of Level 3 or 4 drain 1d6 SP
  • Spells of Level 5, 6, or 7 drain 1d8 SP
  • Spells of Level 8 or 9 drain 1d10 SP

  • If the stamina drain for casting a spell would bring the character's SP total to less than zero, the spellcasting attempt succeeds. The character is reduced to 0 SP, becomes Exhausted, and any additional damage indicated is taken as Direct Damage. No further spellcasting (not even Cantrips) can be attempted until the character regains at least one Stamina Point. Any attempts to cast will fail automatically, and will induce further Direct Damage.

    Adding a Spell to a Spellbook

    Players can copy spells into their spellbooks from other spellbooks or scrolls, but doing so takes one full day of downtime per spell level. (Cantrips require one full day as well.) If a scroll is used as the source, the writing on the scroll vanishes as it is being transcribed. The character must be of sufficient level to cast the spell in order to be able to transcribe it.

    Magical Scrolls

    Magical Wands and Staves


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