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A Secret Mission

an operative's log of a special mission for the WAgency

Before the Great Strife, "Tyrnabay" was little more than the name of a body of a remote body of water, a name known only to sages and those who sailed the deep seas for a living. Today, though, the kingdom that grew up around that sheltered sea is known - and to some extent feared - by many of the kingdoms and free cities around the world of Cartyrion.

Tyrnabay is a complicated place. Power struggles are ongoing among nobility, merchants, and the many bands of pirates and mercenaries that have their bases in the region. Those struggles reach out to affect the rest of the world. As a result, all of the great kingdoms and free cities have spies in the lands of Tyrnabay to gather information and sometimes to influence events to gain advantages.

The WAgency is no different. Because of the nature of this independent organization, it is unclear whether they seek to influence Tyrnabay and hence the world, or whether they are merely interested in knowledge gathering (as they claim). Either way, the heads of the WAgency believe that understanding a nation involves understanding its cultures, traditions, and history as well as its current events, and thus have dispatched yet another of their agents - Jorden Rastanneth - to gather information. Following are excerpts from Jorden's mission journal describing what he found.

10th day of the Time of Goldhorn's Talisman, 2273CR --
I've booked passage on a merchant ship departing Elderkeep for Baron's Point, and from there I hope to book passage on a Seafarer ship bound for Wolf's Bay, Tyrnabay's capital city. My mission orders - delivered by "Big D" himself - require me to gather information about mysterious Tyrnabay - its people, places, customs, beliefs... anything that may be useful in figuring out what makes this land such a potential threat to the rest of Cartyrion.

11th day of the Time of Goldhorn's Talisman, 2273CR--
My ship, the Panthera, left the port of Elderkeep and my home in the First Kingdom with the dawn tide; the captain expects an uneventful two-week passage to Baron's Point. Captain Tangara is likeable enough for a Felisean, and she provided me with the names of a few Dwarven captains that might be sailing for Tyrnabay. Few other than the Dwarves, and perhaps the occasional Awkwana captain will take their ships anywhere near Tyrnabay, it seems.

I've been observing the Captain's interactions with the ship's crew, which is a mix of many of the of Folk of the world. I've especially noticed her dealings with her first mate, another Felisean named Shargran. They rarely speak, yet much seems to pass between them. There really must be something to this Feliseaan Tailspeak ability these Catfolk are said to possess.

26th day of the Time of Goldhorn's Talisman, 2273CR--
Landed in Baron's Point this morning. True to her word, Captain Tangara quickly asked around the docks as to my best chance of obtaining passage to Tyrnabay. None of the Dwarven ships she had mentioned were about, but there was one ship - a merchantman with the curious name "Second Breakfast", departing that very evening on the next high tide.

I found the ship and its captain, a Halfling named Alanabelle Whistlewind, and was able to secure passage. The price was high, but as I had no other options, it would have to do. I noticed the ship was flying the banner of the Wolf's Bay Free Traders' League. It is said this Free Traders' League is little more than a governing body of pirates; perhaps I'll learn more on the voyage.

Who Is Jorden Rastanneth?

Jorden Rastanneth is a mid-level operative for a surveillance and espionage organization known simply as the WAgency. This organization nominally provides intelligence for the First Kingdom, but if the rumors are true, more "physical" clandestine activities can also be attributed to their agents.

Jorden was born the fourth child of a well-off, but not exceptionally rich merchant household. Seeing little prospect of inheriting anything notable from the family, he began to get involved in rather risky but potentially lucrative dealings while still in his late teens. His ingenuity caught the eye of a recruiter for the WAgency, however, and in return for a full pardon for any discretions he may have been guilty of, Jorden agreed to go to work for the WAgency.

In his six years with the organization, he has completed missions in the Free Cities, and once had the opportunity to visit Elvenhome. But these missions all involved him working with an on-site "handler". The Tyrnabay mission is his first "solo" endeavor; clearly a test to see where the young man's future may lie within the WAgency.

28th day of the Time of Goldhorn's Talisman, 2273CR--
It didn't take long to learn more about this ship and its relationship to the well-known pirate factions of Tyrnabay. As the Ship's Bell rung to mark the end of the Midmorning Watch, I saw the Free Trader's League banner hauled down, and another run up the mast in its place: the banner of The Fellowship, the "Gentlefolk Pirates"! It seems I am aboard one of that fleet's ships; I can take a little comfort knowing it's a merchantman, though, and not an assault ship.

That day, as the crew worked, a song sprang up among them - a ditty called Whistling Aron. Apparently, even the children of Tyrnabay sing this song, which apparently is based on the exploits of the Founder of the Fellowship - a pirate named Aroniel Godfrey, the Whistling Pirate.

17th day of the Time of Caleran's Crown, 2273CR --
Thanks to the efforts of the Stormtamer that is part of this ship's company, we finally sighted the entrance to Tyrnabay itself today - the two isles called "The Gateway" at the entrance to the sheltered Wolf's Bay. I'm told we should be docking in the capital city named for the bay tomorrow.

18th day of the Time of Caleran's Crown, 2273CR --
We landed, and I disembarked earlier this morning. The city of Wolf's Bay is indeed a cosmopolitan place, with Folk of all sorts rushing to and fro in their daily routines. On the docks, Orcs and Gnomes are moving cargo side by side. All this is rather strange to one such as myself who was raised in the First Kingdom - where Folk other than Humans and the occasional Halfling are ever seen and rarely tolerated. I will spend the day finding lodgings and getting the lay of the land before getting into the work of my mission.

23rd day of the Time of Caleran's Crown, 2273CR --
My explorations around the city continue; I'm trying to discover "interesting" people and organizations worthy of the WAgency's time and effort to study. I'm tracking down a few hints and something big. In the meantime though, an interesting side topic made itself known today, thanks to an innocent-looking posting on a bulletin board in the city square. It appears a member of the nobility is funding some sort of expedition some long-lost school of magic. It seems some Archaeologist named Cricktwo Longwhisker - a ratfolk name - has uncovered the site, and Adventurers are needed to delve into its secrets.

This school is alleged to date back to the times of the The Second Empire of the Taxlatl that some sages believe was a formidable force before the Great Strife.
12th day of the Time of Knimvort's Engine, 2273CR --
I've begun gathering information about a powerful organization of merchants, artisans, and tradesfolk here in Wolf's Bay called The Mercantile. Ostensibly just a tradesfolk's guild, it first caught my eye when I realized its headquarters building is larger even than the royal palace! It seems that this group has one set of fingers on the pulse of everything that goes on in Tyrnabay, and perhaps even the world - and the other set of fingers deep into the riches to be gained by manipulating that knowledge.

15th day of the Time of Knimvort's Engine, 2273CR --
I fear I may have started asking too many questions about the wrong individuals. Intelligence relating to Grandmaster Barnabas Clithrow, the titular head of the guild, was easy enough to gather. But when I started asking questions about somebody called the Conduit, and moreso another called The Tactician, I noticed that some rather unsavory types were beginning to follow me. I need to be more discreet in my efforts.

18th day of the Time of Knimvort's Engine, 2273CR --
I am beginning to fear for my safety -- so much so that I have arranged for passage with a small and independent Dwarven trade ship bound for the city of Amethyst Cove. I've tried my best to keep my intentions secret from those now pursuing me; I'll even be leaving most of my possessions behind here in Wolf's Bay.

22nd day of the Time of Knimvort's Engine, 2273CR --
The beautiful sight of Amethyst Tor came into view not long ago, but I noticed that our ship did not appear to be making for the port beyond that peak. When I asked the captain, he merely smiled and informed me that the Mercantile wished I visit the city of Land's Endinstead.

I know little about that city, other than the fact it is small, isolated, and completely controlled by the pirates of Tyrnabay. Being surrounded by the Fangwood Jungle, filled with it's Dracowolves, there is no chance of leaving by foot either.

30th day of the Time of Knimvort's Engine, 2273CR --
It seems I have angered somebody with my inquisitiveness, and may now have consequences to pay. We've just docked, and I see through my porthhole several burly orcs waiting at the base of the gangplank. I don't know how, but I can sense they're waiting for me. This may be my last journal entry.

The Journal of Jorden Rastanneth was discovered by a WAgency operative sent to follow up when Rastanneth disappeared. It was returned to WAgency headquarters for detailed analysis.


Author's Notes

The following articles, cited herein, were created as part of Summercamp 2023:

  • The WAgency
  • Feliseaan Tailspeak
  • The Ship's Bell
  • The Fellowship
  • Whistling Aron the Pirate
  • Aroniel Godfrey, the Whistling Pirate
  • The City of Wolf's Bay
  • Archaeologists of Tyrnabay
  • Cricktwo Longwhisker
  • The Second Empire of the Taxlatl
  • The Mercantile
  • Barnabas Clithrow
  • Athalana Traquirel
  • The Tactician
  • Amethyst Cove
  • Amethyst Tor
  • Land's End
  • Fangwood Jungle
  • The Dracowolf

  • The following articles, cited herein, were not created as part of the Summercamp 23 effort:
  • The Wolf's Bay Free Traders' League
  • Stormtamers
  • The Forgotten Academy
  •     Taxlatl Message Boxes Land's End (location) Amethyst Tor (location)

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